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APET - Examination Questionnaire Processing System


APETA product for universities, schools and other educational institutions, which hold test based examinations. It helps save time that would otherwise be spent on checking, correcting and evaluating the tests manually. The solution enables quick, efficient and easy assessment of large batches of tests, followed by automated generation of scores.

ABBYY FormReader, FlexiCapture - Form Recognition


One specific use of OCR/ICR technology is recognition of forms, i.e. documents having certain structure or specific layout. Form recognition differs from full-text recognition as it focuses on retrieving particular, predefined piece of information from a document.

ELOprofessional, ELOenterprise - Document Flow and Archiving Systems


ELOprofessionalWhile enterprises are flooded with increasing amounts of incoming paper documents, document flow and archiving systems gain more and more popularity. Nevertheless, our observations prove that most of them simply store documents as electronic images and not the documents? content. Indexing itself of the document is still being done manually.

Automated Label Recognition System


BanderoleAutomated Label Recognition System (in short - Label Recognition) is a dedicated solution for production companies dealing with manufacture of excise goods (tobacco, liquors, etc.).

AWIZ+ - Production Documentation Management


AWIZEvery modern production company treats Quality Assurance as the most important department, responsible for the company's actual image. However, quality control requires constant improvement and perfection of each and every organization's activity. Such improvement is based on a series of stages, all consisting of measurement, analysis and amendment of products and services. In such case, using the Six Sigma concept entails quick consideration of numeric data, statistics and ultimately, the use of control cards, filled in by the employees of production departments.

AutoDekret - Invoice Processing


AutoDekret - przetwarzanie fakturDespite of being very elaborate, traditional invoicing systems require constant user intervention throughout the process of their use. Manual entry of invoice date and number, payment date and amount is both time and labor consuming. Data validation within invoicing systems often means double-checking them manually. State-of-the-art technology of automated free-form document recognition enabled us to create the AutoDekret system, which speeds up invoice description and settlement process in FA systems.

AutoAccess - Access Control


Today's business environment requires companies to utilize intelligent IT solutions to provide comprehensive protection of both their material and non-material assets. The above statement implies necessity to establish and implement the security policy. Items related to physical and logical access control ? determining whether authorized entities or processes properly access specific assets - form its significant part.

AutoControl - Work Time Tracking


Biometric systems are successfully implemented, not only for access control (AC), but also in combination with time and attendance systems (WTT).

AC/WTT systems are modular by nature. Each of their modules has different predefined functionality

OmniPass Enterprise Edition ? Identity Management


OmnipassGranting, withdrawing and modifying access permissions to individual parts of IT systems in a company are key tasks performed by people, who are responsible for establishing and enforcing the information security policy. More and more companies become aware of how difficult and complicated it is to store data in distributed systems. Therefore they use specialist tools, which support the processes of data synchronization and information consistency checking.

Data Encryption Systems


Ensuring data security is one of key information security challenges within the enterprise. Crucial (sensitive) business information is transmitted online (incl. the Internet) and stored on a variety of media (hard disks, CD/DVDs, SD/CF cards, USB dongles, ZIP drives, etc.). Protection of data in storage and in transit becomes a pragmatic necessity. Security measures should cover not only the stationary information technology infrastructure, but extend to mobile devices, such as mobile and handheld computers and cell phones. This goal can be accomplished by means of powerful cryptographic instruments, using modern hardware and software-based solutions.

Synaptic - Warehouse Management


Warehouse Management System is a superb productivity enhancement tool that decreases the amount of warehousing mistakes, enabling to manage the warehouse on-line. Its job is to identify each inventory item using a barcode, and associate it with a specific location within a warehouse. WMS optimizes employee routes and all other activities related to storage and dispatch of goods.

Using mobile devices connected via wireless network allows recording of all operations, while barcodes and/or RFID nearly eliminate human errors.

AutoInwent - Asset Inventory


Systemy inwentaryzacjiItems listed as fixed assets and other parts of the equipment frequently change their location and it is often difficult to establish which room or person they've been assigned to. Traditional, manual inventory done on tally sheets is costly, work- and time-consuming, requires participation of many people and is prone to error. Inventory systems help introduce order and determine location of fixed assets in companies and institutions. Additionally, they allow full control over all the company's assets and insight in overall inventory figures, enable creating a complete view of the company's inventory, including individual item's usage history.



Storing documents in their paper form is problematic ? it means that boxes or binders take a lot of office space. What?s even more frustrating ? finding the right document takes a lot of time. It is much more comfortable to store electronic copies of documents. However, these images need to be somehow created. One can surely buy a scanner and start scanning away. A cheaper and less demanding solution is on hand, though - outsourced document scanning. Heavy-duty scanners, technical infrastructure and experienced people are all at your disposal. Outsourced document scanning is a broad definition.

Form Processing


Forms constitute an unusual type of documents. Only certain, strictly defined information is important, while the rest of content can be omitted. Form processing is about finding such information and saving as a table in an electronic file. Traditional form processing involves manual data re-keying into a spreadsheet. Document scanners and appropriate software can be used instead. Our company offers automated form data retrieval service, using ABBYY FormReader or ABBYY FlexiCapture software package. Both free form and structured forms can be processed, either handwritten (using block letters) or printed, featuring checkboxes and barcodes. Retrieved data will be stored as files in any of the most popular formats (dbf, xls, txt or csv). This comprehensive service includes: form design and printing, form scanning and processing, and data file generation.

Development Services


dmt - systemy informatyczneOur offering includes a wide range of IT services, related with document processing software. In their execution we rely on extensive expertise of our developers


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