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Barcode Systems

Synaptic - Warehouse Management


Warehouse Management System is a superb productivity enhancement tool that decreases the amount of warehousing mistakes, enabling to manage the warehouse on-line. Its job is to identify each inventory item using a barcode, and associate it with a specific location within a warehouse. WMS optimizes employee routes and all other activities related to storage and dispatch of goods.

Using mobile devices connected via wireless network allows recording of all operations, while barcodes and/or RFID nearly eliminate human errors.

AutoInwent - Asset Inventory


Systemy inwentaryzacjiItems listed as fixed assets and other parts of the equipment frequently change their location and it is often difficult to establish which room or person they've been assigned to. Traditional, manual inventory done on tally sheets is costly, work- and time-consuming, requires participation of many people and is prone to error. Inventory systems help introduce order and determine location of fixed assets in companies and institutions. Additionally, they allow full control over all the company's assets and insight in overall inventory figures, enable creating a complete view of the company's inventory, including individual item's usage history.


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