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Outsourcing Services



Storing documents in their paper form is problematic ? it means that boxes or binders take a lot of office space. What?s even more frustrating ? finding the right document takes a lot of time. It is much more comfortable to store electronic copies of documents. However, these images need to be somehow created. One can surely buy a scanner and start scanning away. A cheaper and less demanding solution is on hand, though - outsourced document scanning. Heavy-duty scanners, technical infrastructure and experienced people are all at your disposal. Outsourced document scanning is a broad definition.

Form Processing


Forms constitute an unusual type of documents. Only certain, strictly defined information is important, while the rest of content can be omitted. Form processing is about finding such information and saving as a table in an electronic file. Traditional form processing involves manual data re-keying into a spreadsheet. Document scanners and appropriate software can be used instead. Our company offers automated form data retrieval service, using ABBYY FormReader or ABBYY FlexiCapture software package. Both free form and structured forms can be processed, either handwritten (using block letters) or printed, featuring checkboxes and barcodes. Retrieved data will be stored as files in any of the most popular formats (dbf, xls, txt or csv). This comprehensive service includes: form design and printing, form scanning and processing, and data file generation.

Development Services


dmt - systemy informatyczneOur offering includes a wide range of IT services, related with document processing software. In their execution we rely on extensive expertise of our developers


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